It gives students experience and access in drone flight and operation, basic aviation knowledge, including aerodynamics and the physics of flying, electrical systems and telephone and radio procedures, airspace charts and flying industry standards, human performance elements, meteorology, satellites and co-ordinates.
Teacher Sam Hubbard has nothing but praise for both the Assumption College and Wallan Secondary students in how they are working together.
“These students are bringing different perspectives to the task and enjoying sharing different skills levels and knowledge, with each other, which is great for all involved,” Mr Hubbard said.
“Watching the partnership in action is great and hopefully this program can develop into a hub of excellence for the subject in the future for all schools in the area.
“There is also a great opportunity to use the partnership to complete flying missions in other schools in different areas, which only promotes situational awareness for the pilot,”
With the increase in drones in many different fields of work, regulations have now tightened on their use and this VET course opens up a broad range of opportunities for these students who hope to access employment in the field one day.
The students involved are a mix of both VCE and VCAL program students which further illustrates the opportunities open to students who gain this certification.
All students are enjoying the hands-on collaboration between both schools.
“The exchange of information and experience is really helpful and having access to really great equipment is something that would not have been available to all of us before. Drones are becoming part of so many different jobs and being used in so many different ways that this course really opens up many new opportunities for us all,” the Year 11 students said.
The class utilises the large rear ovals at the College to perfect their flight practise and undertake theory-based lessons each week that cover all aspects of the curriculum set down for the course.
With thanks to Assumption College for hosting this innovative program.