Friday, November 24, 2017


College Profile and History

Foundation Principal Appointment

In June 2005 the following advertisement appeared:

" Our community is excited by the prospect of opening our own secondary college. Our new Principal will be a passionate school leader who can translate our excitement into a great school for our children with the support of staff and families who are committed to

excellence in all areas....The township of Wallan is approximately 45 kms north of Melbourne, within the Mitchell Shire which is the fastest growing municipality in rural and regional Victoria....Closing date for applications is 22 July 2005."

Wendy Caramarco attended an interview for the position of Principal held at the Hidden Valley Golf and Country club and was subsequently appointed to the position.  She commenced as Principal on the first day of Term 4, in October 2005.

School Curriculum History

In 2006 our curriculum development began with a term based program for 120 Year 7 students. Wallan Secondary College commenced with a four session day plus Home Group.

Our first curriculum consisted of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (SOSE) , Indonesian Language (LOTE), and Physical Education.

Term based rotations operated in Drama, Design & Technology, Woodwork and Graphics.  On Wednesday afternoons all staff and students participated in Personal & Community Development - a group of community-based projects

in which Wallan SC made long-lasting links and partnerships with our local community.  Student were able to choose from field trips to the Wellington Square Library, the Wallan Bowling Club, the Wallan Senior citizens, as well as working on 

dramatic productions, on musical performances and on the College Yearbook: "SevenUp". 

Our growth occured by year and by Year Level:  

2006 Year 7

2007 Year 7 & 8

2008 Year 7 8 9

2009 Year 7 8 9 10

2010 Year 7 8 9 10 11

2011 Year 7 8 9 10 11 12

VCAL was first introduced in 2012 at Intermediate level ( Year 11).    In 2013 VCAL expanded to year 12 for the first time. 

School Design History

This article appeared in the DEECD Education Times in 2006:

"Wallan Secondary College is unique in that school design assists teachers in the development of innovative Teaching and Learning activities. Classrooms open onto a learning street allowing the blurring of classroom boundaries. Bi-fold doors allow for the creation of double classrooms where team teaching can occur with large groups. Students also move to the multi-media area in the learning street accessing interactive whiteboard and AV facilities. The learning street allows passive supervision of students by all staff, including those in workspaces, through windows opening onto the area.

There is a strong sense of flow between areas. The design allows the development of independent work skills and caters for individual learning styles. Natural light floods classrooms removing the need for fluorescents and paved areas outside each classroom allows groups to work independently outside while allowing monitoring of their learning. Teachers aren’t isolated within classrooms due to sliding doors that open onto the learning street, enabling all staff to share in the discipline and welfare of students. A large open space with a wet area encourages endless possibilities and a sense of openness, space and light pervades buildings.

A boardroom table in the workspace allows for meetings to occur easily as teachers work in Professional Learning Teams and VIctorian Essential Learning groups,  or come together naturally in informal discussions. An open plan with benches and shelving around walls instead of individual desks means the workspace is conducive to discussion and allows for informal professional development. Building design assists with the ease of various innovations and ensures that this is kept uppermost in teachers minds. However, innovation comes from teachers’ willingness to overcome obstacles and work together in an environment that encourages mutual support, sharing of ideas and planning together. Innovative pedagogy needs to be embedded into the school’s values and beliefs and owned by all staff.

 Employing flexible thinking, working interdependently and finding humour in situations, can result in innovations to benefit the learning community. A willingness to engage in Professional reading and ensure that we continually strive to develop our skills and knowledge will ensure innovation and see new learning environments created from within old structures and embedded in the planning designs of new schools."


In 2015 we have a student enrolment of 570 and we continue to grow as we take new enrolments when new families arrive to our wonderful wider community.

Staff numbers increase as student numbers increase. At the beginning of 2015 we have a total staff (teaching and ESO) of 59.

We look forward to your family becoming part of our Wallan Secondary College community and history.