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Year 8 Internet Safety Session

Friday, 19 July 2013 Posted in Learning

by Evla Y. and Mathew H.

Year 8 Internet Safety Session

Today, two Police Officers, Danielle Smyth and Peter Clarke, visited the school to talk about Cyber bullying and its consequences.

The main points were:

Sexting – Pornography

Possession, Take and Sending nude pictures of children/adults with or without consent. Consequences of such actions will lead to your details being placed on the Sex Offenders list.

Brodie’s law

Brodie’s law had been put to use when a young girl by the age of 19 named Brodie, had been working as a waitress and had been harassed when working. Soon after she had taken her own life because of what had been said about her.


Anything posted or sent on Facebook can take minutes to be seen by anyone and once it’s out there you can never take it back. Every stroke of a key is also recorded and documented for future need. You need to be watchful of what you’re posting even if you’re sending it to a friend, that friend can post it off to someone else and you will be embarrassed and nicknamed.

Stalking – Harassment

Stalking is gaining details and using it inappropriately for themselves. Following and annoying people is a form of harassment and sending inappropriate notes or messages to someone else is sexual harassment. 

When being or seeing any one of these things happening either report it to an adult or contact the Police. You can also contact the Kid’s helpline on 1800 55 1800.

We thank Danielle Smyth and Peter Clarke for visiting and telling us this information. We also thank the Year 8’s for behaving well and showing cooperation and respect during the presentation.

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