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2014 Camps Policy

Thursday, 01 August 2013 Posted in Camps & Activities

Attending and Affording WSC Camps

2014 Camps Policy

Camps are seen as an integral part of the school curriculum as they enable students to explore, extend and enrich their learning and their social skills development, in a non-school setting. Camps may have a cultural, environmental or outdoor emphasis and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at Wallan Secondary College. A camp is defined as any activity that involves at least one night’s accommodation.

Before wishing to attend any of the camps being offered in 2014, Parents / Caregivers and Students should ensure they are familiar with Wallan Secondary College’s Camps Policy.

Students are reminded that only students who display sensible and reliable behavior at school will be permitted to participate in Wallan Secondary College  camps.

A complete version of the Wallan Secondary College Policy is available on the College’s website or by visiting the General Office during general business hours.

Camp Affordability and Payment Schedule
All efforts have been to ensure each camp offered to students are affordable and do not exclude students simply for financial reasons.

To assist Parents / Care givers with an opportunity to send their students without placing them under  financial hardship, Wallan Secondary College provides a number of alternative payment methods or regular payment plans, without additional fees, provided that the final balance is finalised 3 weeks prior to the departure of the camp.

Parents wishing to discuss alternative payment methods should contact the school’s Business Manager, Ms Pam Hunter.

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