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Welcome from Chaplain

Tuesday, 04 March 2014 Posted in Welfare, Wallan Life

by Barb Wheeler-Scott

Welcome from Chaplain

Hi, my name is Barb Wheeler-Scott and I am your new College Chaplain. Please feel welcome to visit my office which is at the Vallence end of J Building and I would love to find out your ideas, interests and needs as families and students of Wallan.



My availability for this term is Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if you would like to make an appointment to see me please leave a message at the Student Services.

I work with Adrian Hempfing as members of the College's wellbeing team; we are incorporating ideas into the College Strategic Plan, promoting health, wellbeing and safe programs through developing school community partnerships. My passion is rural community education and together with my husband and our two Labradors, we are developing a farm close by.

I have been impressed by the ways this community has managed the recent bushfires affecting the northern corridor, as many families had to evacuate. Naturally there was a degree of unpredictability about them, bringing up mild anxiety reactions to uncertainty which may have put some people on high alert. However, this experience has provided a catalyst for students, teachers and families to develop awareness about positive protective behaviours, coping skills and physiology, e.g. adrenal biological reactions to stress and ways to look after oneself. It is important to know that school members have been given time and sensitivity to understand their reactions as we all learn and respect the different ways that individuals have accessed control over the threat. I can be reached at:

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