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Detector Dog Program

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 Posted in Wallan Life

Foster Carers Needed

Detector Dog Program

Do you have room in your home for one of these beautiful puppies?

The Detector Dog Program is now looking for carers.  To become a carer you need to:

Customs and Border Protection provides all food, veterinary needs, equipment, expert advice and training for foster carers.

Foster carers provide the kennel or bed, bedding, water bucket and toys.

All people living in the Melbourne area are encouraged to apply regardless of their background or living circumstances (married with children or living on their own). People with dogs of their own are also welcome to apply.

To become a foster carer you need to:

  • Have a safe and secure yard that is at least 10 metres by 5 metres
  • Have a yard that is accessible if you are not at home
  • Be willing to socialise the puppy with at least two or three outings each week to various places including local schools, playgrounds and shopping centres
  • Be able to walk the puppy at least once a day
  • Have a car to transport the pup (preferred)

For more information see the link below or call 1800 664 106.

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