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Exams, Cafe & Art Show

Saturday, 13 April 2013 Posted in VCE, From the Principal's Desk

The Year 12 exams are over; students now need to wait until Monday the 17th of December for their results. Our Year 7 to Year 11 examination period is about to commence. In this newsletter you will see the eam timetable for your child. Please place it and the exam rules sheet, on the fridge or another prominent place so that everyone in the family can support your student during the exam period. Of course formal exams are not the only assessment tool used by schools, but at WSC we run exams in the same way and with the same expectations as the VCAA exams. We believe this prepares students more effectively for their VCE exams in the years ahead. After the exams the Year 8 to 12 'Step Up' timetable commences.

In other news, Wallan Secondary College's 'Café on the Green' students were invited to provide the hospitality at the launch of the Nexus GP Superclinic earlier this week. My thanks go to Chloe Hendriks,Kellie Wilson‐Hawe and Hayley Hanson and to Ms Glenda Steer for their excellent representation of our College and promotion of the Café and of VET Hospitality at our school.

Congratulations and well done to all students whose work is on display in our Arts Show The launch on Wednesday night was well attended and Art Prizes were awarded:

  • Disciplined art making award for Studio arts to Charlette Edmonds ‐ sponsor Bendigo Bank Wallan

  • Disciplined art making award for Studio Arts to Annie Kukola – sponsored by Arts patron Ms Shari Nye

  • Excellence in Media and Studio Arts to Corey Scicluna – sponsored by Arts patrons Wendy and Steve Caramarco

  • Excellence in art award to Brooke Munday ‐ sponsored by Arts Patron Mrs Manju Amban

  • Enthusiastic art making award for producing some fantastic art work to Tabitha Kirk ‐ sponsored by Deans Art

  • Excellence in Art award to Alana Maybus ‐ sponsored by Deans Art

  • Excellence in art to Richelle Boaluang – sponsored by Zart Art

  • Encouragement award to Ellie Harrison ‐ sponsor anonymous arts patron WSC staff member

  • Encouragement award to Isaac Ardzi ‐ sponsored by Ekersleys

The quality of the work in the creative and performing arts is impressive and we are very proud of all our students and their efforts in this Learning Area. Thank you to Ms Nye and the Arts team on a great year and a wonderful Art Show, and I thank all who attended.

I look forward to meeting our Year 7 parents and students fr 2013 on Monday night and to our parents and students at the Andrew Fuller presentation on Tuesday evening.

To all our students, besy wishes for your exams. Do your best!

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