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Monday, 24 November 2014

Save The Orangutans. 

We are Ruby Sommerville, Kenzi Ivers and Elissa Di Natale, year seven students at Wallan Secondary College who are passionate about our environment. During our excursion to the Melbourne Zoo, we became aware of the use and effects of palm oil. Palm oil is used in many products on the shelves in our supermarkets without us being aware, as during this time there is currently no law in Australia that palm oil needs to be specially labelled on the product. Instead of palm oil vegetable oil is labelled on the packaging. Of course there are some Palm oils that have been grown and managed on a certified plantation. When this is the case, you should be able to find a sustainable palm oil symbol known as the RSPO.

Our Goal

We are aiming to make an impact which will help to prevent the threat that the orang-utans are facing at this current time. We have created a shopping list full of products which are either palm oil free, or use RSPO. We thought that this would be a practical approach which could involve a broad variety of people in our society, to help make a difference during everyday life.


Certified Sustainable Palm Oil is used in many products, though unlike regular palm oil, it hasn’t damaged or harmed the natural habitat of any animal. This means, that if this label is shown

on a product it is produced using sustainable palm oil.

You can download a Palm Oil Free Shopping List below.

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