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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Please find following a copy of the letter, given to your Year 10 and 11 students concerning their exams, leaving the grounds and Step Up Program.

To Parents and Caregivers,
Wallan Secondary College will start both Year 10 and Year 11 Exams on Monday 20thof November. All students have been issued with an exam timetable.
Students are expected to attend all exams and the study sessions between exams. Students will be dismissed for the exam week at the conclusion of their final exam. Students will only be allowed to leave the College grounds once have handed in their signed permission slip to student services. Those students with catch up exams or outstanding work will need to attend until all work is completed. There will be no formal classes conducted on Friday, this will be a time for students to complete catch up exams if required.
Our 2017 Senior School Step Up Program for both VCE/VCAL will begin Monday 27thof November – Friday 1st December. It is compulsory for all students to attend the week of Step Up classes. If students do not attend it will affect their attendance figures for 2018.
This year we have tried to create a varied experience for our Senior School students. Our future Year 12's will be going to RMIT in the City on the Monday to look at life after Secondary School. Our Year 11 students will be going to Victorian University in Footscray to learn about the many aspects in the transition from Year 10 to VCE/VCAL and begin to understand what is required of them to complete their chosen pathway.
Please note VCAL students are required at school for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for activity day. On Wednesday VCAL students are expected to be finalising their work placements for 2018.
Year 11 and 12 students will celebrate the end of the year on Friday 1st with activities. The Year 11's into 12 will go to Highpoint. The Year 10's into 11 will have their end of year formal. Permission forms are available online.
VCAL classes will run as per normal during the exam week.
All VET subject are required to attend Wallan Secondary College during the exam period. Your trainers have been informed that you be will absent due to the exams.
Abbey Griffiths (Senior Programs Manager)

I __________________ give permission for __________________________ of Home group________ to leave Wallan Secondary College early after the exam.

Date:____________ Signature: ___________________________________

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