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Positivity Week - Dodgeball at Lunchtime

Monday, 04 November 2013 Posted in Sports, Camps & Activities

by Tishani G. 11A

Positivity Week - Dodgeball at Lunchtime

On Wednesday 30th October, Brittni, Max and I held a dodgeball game at lunchtime on the basketball courts for Positivity Week.

The 8s and 9s played the first game. It was slow to start but the game hit it off when the Year 11s joined in. They played two games.
The first was won by the Year 9s, and no-one won the second game because it didn't finish before the bell went.
We found it reasonably easy to manage the students because we portrayed confidence and the students were very responsive. It was fun and interesting. I believe it's a good way to keep the students physically active.

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