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Principal's Awards

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 Posted in From the Principal's Desk

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards were launched today for Year 9 and 10 students.

The Awards are based on the students' Semester One reports.  Today was a great celebration of the efforts and achievements of the following students in Years 9 and 10:

Emily Azzopardi     Joel Ballard     Jack Carson

Alisha Carter     Dylan Cornish     Ellie Harrison

Kobe Linford     Samantha Perkovic     Phillip Traianon-Howatt

Amy Wood     Natasha Carman     Carley Edmonds

Bryce Falla     Bronte Gough-Hanlan     Melanie Ireland

Jesse Jones     Patrick McManus     Matuakore Murphy

Jack Nugent     Peter Schiavone     Dylan Standley

Emily White     Samantha Abdilla     Jade Allison

Ryan Bonner     Abigail Brown     Alison Brown

Carinna Haigh     Cole McKenna     Kieara Nicholas

Joshua Phasey     Emma Power     Tyrah Riddell

Dakota Sharp     Sarah Stephenson     Emma Weir

Todd Wittingslow     Matthew Bekker     Tegan Campbell

Nicholas Costa      Laura Dunleavy     Susan Langborne

Jemma Preston     Matilda Ruth     Tiffany Yee

Bradley Gordon     Pokoina Katu     Madeline Olsen

Ashleigh Banks     Bridie Birch     Emma Brooker

Dean Campbell     Aaron Ford     Hayden Ioannidis

Adam Kolenik     Shiraj Mohamed Muzammil

Stephanie Perkovic     Joshua Sardoz     Blake Turner

Thank you to all parents, families and friends who attended.  A special thank you to Mr Tori, Ms Creek and Mr Gonis for their presentations today.

Well done to our Award Recipients!

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  • Josiah Lucas

    06 August 2013 at 19:42 |
    good job

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