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Revision Day Out

Monday, 09 September 2013 Posted in P.E. & Health

Year 12 Health & Human Development Students venture out

Revision Day Out

Our Year 12 H&HD students today had a H&HD Revision day out. We visited a number of key organisations that we have studied in class during Unit 3 and 4, in order to refresh our memories and better prepare ourselves for the end of year exam.

The students visited SunSmart Anti Cancer Council where the Youth Advocacy member addressed the issue of Skin Cancer. Students were able to reflect on their own levels of sun protection and consider the changes that have occurred to their own skin over time. All students should carry out a "skin health check" as a result of the information they heard today.

The second place we visited was Oxfam. Here we were able to think again about a point of Key Knowledge taught way back in Unit 3 - The Close the Gap Campaign. Student also heard about the work of Oxfam in developing countries, very relevant to their Unit 4 studies. All students also enjoyed purchasing items from the Oxfam shop.

Lastly we visited Nutrition Australia for a quick summary of their role in promoting healthy eating to all Australians.
A great day was had by all. Ms Lasslett thanks her students for being wonderful ambassadors of the College.

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