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Safer "Schoolies"

Wednesday, 23 October 2013 Posted in Extracurricular Activities, VCE

A Stay Safe Message for our Year 12s


Today our Year 12s had a visit from Constable Peter Clarke, Youth Resource Officer,to discuss the importance of staying safe during Schoolies.

Whilst many students may not participate in Schoolies, when thousands of Year 12 students head to holiday destinations around Australia, we know that it can be a time when things can go wrong. We see it in the media every year. In order to assist those going to be safer, Peter Clarke provided sensible advice:

- Be considerate of the local community e.g. watch your noise levels and respect the environment, clean up your rubbish as you go.

- Police will have a presence, they are there to help and keep people and property safe. Remember to treat them with respect and they are likely to return the respect. Public Order Offences (how you behave in public) occur during Schoolies and you don't want to have deal with that.

- Watch your behaviour, you have control over it. Alcohol impairs your thoughts. So look after your mates. Walk away from anti-social behaviour. Report it. It's better to be safe than sorry. Poor behaviour and what gets posted on social media can cause hassles for you later on.

- Your choices lead to consequences.

- If something isn't right, doesn't feel right, come and talk to us (the Police).

- Have ID with you, it makes things easier for you.

- Watch out for "Toolies", people that have been to Schoolies before who usually want to take advantage of the situation.

- Keep an eye out for the supports available for you: Red Frogs, Youth workers, Ambos, Lifeguards, St John Ambulance, Local Police with the Party Safe Program

Most importantly - Plan before you go. Think before you act. Look after your mates. Have fun. Be safe.

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