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Step Up Week 2013

Tuesday, 03 December 2013 Posted in VCE, Wallan Life


2014 Year 12s at RMIT

This week has seen the start of our VCE studies for 2014. Step Up Week is for Year 10s going into Year 11 and Year 11s going into Year 12.

Year 11 VCE and Intermediate VCAL for 2014 commenced this week with a Goal Setting activity and an inspirational presentation by Richard Caig, a VCE Graduate now studying in Ballarat. Richard shared his experience of a recent trek along the Kokoda Track and using a powerpoint presentation, captured the harsh terrain and experiences of Australian soldiers during World War 2. He also drew the analogy between his trek and that of Year 11 and 12. Doing your best, persistence, inner strength and working towards goals were all themes of this talk.

Four of our graduates from this year then answered questions for the new Year 11s and shared some very important tips for 2014.

The secret to successful VCE/VCAL:

  • Natalie Omishl - Try your best. Even if you stress like me, keep trying your best.
  • Allie Bright - Keep on top of your work. Read your English books.
  • Shaun Mizza - Do your best.
  • Kelvin Gozho - Use your time wisely. I studied two hours per subject per week.

Tips about organisation from Year 12 Students:

  • Use your planner.
  • Do your homework first.
  • Don't leave it until the night before.
  • When you get tasks, do them that night.
  • Make notes as you go
  • Do things in moderation.

Getting the most out of Study Sessions:

  • Actually do your work. If you're not prepared to study, think about if you should be here?
  • Sit away from friends - as it happened to us, we got distracted. We changed this and moved away.
  • Change your ways, get to work.

Other tips to consider:
Natalie - Research your interests, find out what subjects and ATAR you need. It's motivating to have a goal in mind.
Allie - Have some down time. Exercise or some TV after an hour of study.
Shaun - Will need some sacrifices. Some weekends will be less gaming, partying.
Kelvin - Make sure you sleep at night. Getting eight hours helps you feel refreshed for new day.

A few messages from staff:

Mr Howley - For students working part-time, this will need to be looked at. Getting the balance right, to focus on VCE/VCAL. Friends are great supports. Look out for each other. Richard Caig talked about mateship on the Kokoda Track. Use your supports - teachers, family, friends, Wellbeing.

Ms Davies, Food Technology, Year 11.
Passing the year is easy - come to school, do your work, put in the effort to achieve your Outcomes.
Have your textbooks.
You will have some holiday homework for each subject. Make sure you do it. It's a part of the assessment.

Ms Carr - History, Year 11.
Have an open mind. Participate in discussions as you need to be able to explain, reason, interpret.
Do the reading.
VCAL will need to pass Business Management. Make sure you complete your 'at home' and 'in class' tasks.

Students were involved in a range of interactive activities designed to build time and develop solid relationships between staff and students.

The purpose of Step Up Week is the make the transition between Year 10 and Year 11 a more informed and smooth one.

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