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Strategies For Success in VCE

Friday, 06 December 2013 Posted in Extracurricular Activities, VCE

NEAP Lecture at Melbourne Uni

Strategies For Success in VCE

On 1st December, Kirsten and Bridie Birch attended a NEAP Lecture on Strategies for Success in VCE.  Here is their report.

On the 1st of December 2013, we travelled to The University of Melbourne's Law Building for a lecture on ways to study, maintain focus throughout the whole year, stress management, sleep, goal setting, time management, research skills, preparation for SACs and exam strategies.

On arriving we both received a bag which included a booklet full of the information that included the above criteria, information on the Summer School Program, a VCE calendar for 2014 and a pamphlet on different resources available to enhance knowledge on exam type questions. The books being shown in the pamphlet were available to buy on the day.

The lecture was easy to follow and the lecturer made it fun to relate to, with a few simple activities to identify what type of person, and therefore learner that we are. When going through the booklet, the lecturer would explain and use examples to put into perspective what she meant. The booklet went through simple and straight forward tips about sleep, stress, maintaining focus, productivity and time management and included a time diary so we could record and see how much time we spend on what, and whether that time could be used for study. The booklet included tips from past students who have completed VCE which gave us a good insight into what Year 12 is like and how to cope with the stresses that come with it, and eventually minimize these stresses.

The exam strategies and tips were very useful and helped open up a range of different techniques when used in the revision period. The lecturer talked about a balance while in Year 12 so there needs to be a balance between school and study, physical activity, socializing, having fun and relaxing, in order to do well and get the ATAR score you want at the end.

It was said that "Year 12 is a marathon, not a sprint" which really means that the work output needs to be the same throughout the whole year and not just the start, which is entirely right.  It made us realise that yes, this is what needs to happen through not only Year 12 but also Year 11, so there are good habits being made early on.

Overall we think the lecture was very beneficial and opened up our eyes to what Year 12 is like. The tips were fantastic and reinforced the fact Year 12 is a very important year and focus needs to be there from the word go till the word stop. We highly recommend it to students going into Years 11 and 12.

Kirsten & Bride Birch

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