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Student Netbooks – Return Process

Thursday, 11 December 2014 Posted in Wallan Life

Conclusion of Netbook Program

The Wallan SC Student Netbook program is concluding at the end 2014. We are happy to allow students to return the device early in 2015 for those students returning to Wallan SC, but warranty support does expire at the end of 2014, so if you have any damage or warranty issues with your device, you must return it by the end of 2014 to ensure it is able to be repaired before the warranty expires. The College will be auditing all leased devices early in 2015 to finalise lease arrangements.

Once a Netbook is returned in good working order with no damage, a charger and bag as per the signed Netbook contract, the $100 bond will be refunded to your account.

Should any families / students wish to keep their Student Netbook, you are able to purchase these from the College for $100. Netbooks will need to be returned to ICT Staff where school software will be removed from the device and a factory image restored. Any student who purchases their Netbook, will be supported to use these at Wallan SC in 2015 with the school software able to remain on the device.

Those wishing to purchase the Netbook with plans of either not using the device at Wallan SC in 2015 or not returning to our College in 2015, will need to ensure the school software is wiped as the software will stop working after a period of time unless it is returned to factory default by our ICT staff.

Only purchased Student Netbooks will be supported by the College at the beginning of 2015 and this support will be limited to software support only. These devices will not have any hardware warranty.

We are looking at beginning a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trial in 2015 for implementation in 2016.

For payment questions please contact our Bursar, Chris Cesarin or for ICT Support questions contact our ICT Manager, Lionel Camilleri. 

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