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Thursday 5th March Casual Clothes Day

Wednesday, 04 March 2015

A reminder to families that Week 6 is Positive Week. There will be a Casual Clothes Day on Thursday 05/03/2015. Cost is $2 with all money raised going towards the House Building Project as part of the Community Service Tour to Cambodia.

Please see the following page for our Casual Clothes Day Policy.


On special occasions students are permitted to wear a selection of their own casual clothes to school instead of their normal uniform. Generally, these occasions are held as fundraisers for selected charities, therefore a two dollar coin donation from each student is seen to be appropriate.

Whilst it is a casual clothes day, the School still expects students to observe principles concerning the dignity of each person and the respect for others. Students need to be mindful of the styles of clothing and appearance that are deemed to be inappropriate at Wallan Secondary College

• All tops and shirts must cover the shoulders and should not be low cut. All tops should be of sufficient length to cover the midriff.

• Shoulder less, shoe‐string strapped and singlet tops are not appropriate.

• Shorts (both male and female), dresses and skirts must sit no lower than the hips and must be mid‐thigh length or longer.

• Shorts, Skirts or dresses which contain slits or folds that can expose the leg are also not permitted.

• Jeggings and leggings are not to be worn without a mid-thigh length skirt or shorts over the top.

• Clothes must not convey inappropriate messages

• If students have a Physical Education, Science or Design and Technology class on a casual clothes day then they must wear or bring the appropriate footwear

• WSC Uniform policy still applies to facial piercings, jewellery, hair colour, makeup and nail polish.

Furthermore, students should be mindful that if they are dressed inappropriately, or that their appearance is deemed not suitable by the Student Management Team, they will be required to change into more appropriate clothing or return home.

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