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Tips from Careers and Pathways

Thursday, 20 February 2014 Posted in VCAL, VCE, VCE VET, Wallan Life, Careers & Pathways


Tips from Careers and Pathways

Commencing VCE well is vitally important for SENIOR STUDENTS.  Getting into good habits now will make all the difference later in the year.


HOMEWORK REVISION STUDY: Students should be doing at least 15 hours per week outside school.

WORK: Students should not be working anymore than 15 hours per week and less towards the end of the year.

PHONES, GAMES, FACEBOOK: Every hour wasted online or on the phone or in front of a games consol is an hour some students will wish they had back when SACS are due. Parents should monitor this as much as possible.

Developing good habits early will reap rewards at the end of Year 12!!

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