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University of Melbourne VCE Summer School

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My name is Susan Langborne and early this year I attended the VCE Summer School held at Melbourne University. I had the most amazing time and learnt many valuable tips to help me successfully complete my final year. The program had an emphasis on making school fun. The classes were not just your average school classes it was a team environment where you could solve the problems together. Often our tutors played music to help break the silence as we copied down the board notes. The program highlighted to me the importance of a school- life balance where I could learn to my fullest potential while still having a great time. 

Throughout the program there were many activities to show us how to have fun, these included: A scavenger hunt, trivia afternoon and beach day. Spending time with my new friends was so much fun.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get a head start in the VCE years of school, particularly the students who are interested in attending University because this program is run just like University with lectures, tutors, and most importantly independence. There were no teachers chasing after us to be in class or hand in the work from the previous lesson. You also had to make you own way around campus which I personally found very difficult. The Melbourne University campus in Parkville is huge and to me all the buildings looked the same. As a result of this I attended some of my classes a little late, however no one seemed to mind because when I was asked why I told them honestly that I had got lost and everyone would laugh as they each had only just made it to the class possibly only a minute before me.

Everyone one involved in the program was so friendly and kind. It didn’t matter if you have never spoken before but if you walked up to anyone a friendly conversation would start. 

The key things that I took away from this program were:

  • Make the most of your last years at school and give 110% to everything you do.
  • Don't give up the things you love doing, obviously do them in moderation but don/t give up your own identity for one- two years of school.
  • Start your revision and exam practise questions now, the more you are exposed to the way in which VCAA writes questions the better you will be able to answer them at the end of the year.
  • Eat healthy and ensure you get adequate sleep.
  • Work together with your friends, study groups actually work.
  • Don't cram everything in at the last minute it will stress you out and make your life much harder.
  • Your teachers are there to help you, they want to see you achieve your best and reach your dreams.
  • Most importantly have a great year J

If anyone has any further questions please come and see me I'll be happy to answer.
Good Luck to all students year both in and out of VCE I know that you will be successful, just give everything your best.

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