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Vietnam Community Service Project

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 Posted in Wallan Life

All set to go!

Vietnam Community Service Project

With only a few shorts weeks to go before their departure for Vietnam, representatives of our Community Service Tour team were presented today with a vast array of tools to assist them in their building project.

We are very grateful to Shane Hemphill of Pretty Sally Home & Garden in Wallan, who very generously donated these tools including a wheelbarrow, spades, hammers, saws and work gloves.

The tour group, consisting of 18 senior students and 4 staff, will travel to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where they will build a house for a severely disadvantaged family.  They will also have the opportunity to interact with members of the village and learn about their way of life.

The students are very much looking forward to meeting these people and putting a roof over the heads of a homeless family.  They will no doubt return to Wallan with a very different outlook on life. 

Pictured are from left to right:

Shane Hemphill, Principal Sally Lasslett, John Hemphill, Kiani Triffett, Mark Coombs, Jessica Wynn, Ricki Boyd, with Stephanie Cornish in front.

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