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Wallan's Shining Star

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 Posted in Wallan Life, Careers & Pathways

Courtesy of North Central Review

Wallan's Shining Star

Being awarded dux of Wallan Secondary College is a massive achievement for Kilmore's Emma Frisch.

Emma scored a very impressive ATAR of 99.30 in her VCE in 2013, and has since been offered the Vice Chancellor's scholarship for excellence and equity to study science and enginering at Monash University's Clayton campus.

The scholarship allows Emma to spend $30,000.

"I was invited down to Monash University on results day where scholarships were given out by the Vice Chancellor himself, it was pretty cool," said Emma.

"I studied consistently throughout year 12, I used my spare periods to study, I really used all the resources that I could to get a good score.

I was hoping for a good score, the aim was 95, so I'm happy, but I never imagined that I'd get a score so high."

Emma did six subjects, mathematics being her favourite.

She studies chemistry, English, specialist mathematics, mathematics methods, further mathematics, and drama.

"I really like maths, it was always my favourite subject," she said.

While Emma didn't expect such an exceptional score, neither did her mother.

"Mum was so proud, but at the beginning she didn't even believe me," Emma said.

"I had to literally show her the score for her to see that it was true."

Looking into the future, Emma isn't entirely certain about which career path she will take.

"At the moment, it'll be either chemical engineering or meteorology, both are appealing, but I'll see which I enjoy more when I get to uni and start studying them," she said.

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