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Words of Advice from our 2014 Dux

Friday, 30 January 2015

When I was asked what advice I would give to my fellow students, I have to admit that I was a little excited. The opportunity to talk to people whom are experiencing something that you have been through is as close as you can get to talking to your past self. So please allow me to share with you a few pieces of advice that I lived by through high school.

You are often told "That the high school years are the best in your life". They're not! You'll be hormonal, you'll have break ups and you'll have homework coming out of your ears. So, no, they are not the best years but that is not to say that they are not great. There will be tears but there will be laughter too. It can also lead to better things, like new hobbies and university.

When it comes to homework and classwork, just suck it up. There is no-one in the world whom doesn't have to do something that they don't want to - its part of life. The trick is to not see it as a punishment but just something that has to be done. Don't make it a chore. Do homework with friends; listen to music and start to see your creature comforts like snacks or your phone as a reward for hard work rather than a right.

In saying that, relaxing is just as important when things start to be stressful. Finding a way to vent is important. Talk about stressful events and find a work/life balance. When exams and tests come along, revision is important but so is kicking back. I can't begin to tell you the number of films I watched in the lead up to exams because sometimes you need to just forget about school work for an hour or so before going back to revise.

Enjoying school has abit of a stigma attached to it. Saying you enjoy school often creates the same response as saying you like to communicate through interpretative dance. So please allow me to break the glass ceiling for you. I LOVE LEARNING. The more knowledgeable you become, the more unique you become. There is nothing wrong with finding something at school interesting. 

Get engaged with your learning. School must be boring if you don't care what marks you get. The answer? Start caring. Secretly competing with your classmates to see who is 'winning' your class tests makes school pretty interesting. 

My final piece of advice, I feel, is the most important. My 8th grade English Teacher told my class "Stupid is a choice. Whether you pass or fail the choices you make in high school and all through life are your choices and yours alone." 

I am proud of my achievements and this year am being rewarded for my hard work by getting into the Uni course of my choice. If I continue to work hard, I will also get the job, I have always dreamed of. But I remember that it's all thanks to the hard work I put in from day one. My natural spelling is non-existent and my maths is atrocious but I have worked hard to fix these problems and found every silver lining. 

So throughout the next few years keep your goals in sight. Make sure you can look back at these years and not say "I merely survived" but "That I did the best I could do". These may not be the best years but they are definitely important in shaping who you are for the rest of your life. So remember your future is your responsibility from here on and remember "Stupid is a choice".

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