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WSC Welcomes Alice Pung

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 Posted in ENG VCE

WSC Welcomes Alice Pung

Well known author, editor, teacher and lawyer Alice Pung, visited Wallan Secondary College today to work with our VCE English students.

On Tuesday the 13th of August the Year 12 students had the privilege of attending a presentation by author Alice Pung; the editor of our English text, Growing up Asian in Australia (GUAIA). During the presentation Ms Pung spoke to us not only about GUAIA, but also our Year 12 context topic, ‘Identity and Belonging’. She gave us insight into the topic of ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’ and the attitude changes that have occurred within Australian society in regards to not only Asians, but immigrants in general.

For many of us it was an eye opening experience that aided us in our awareness of what it means to belong. It enhanced our way of thinking so that we better understood the concept of identity and the way in which race is both important and irrelevant. Ms Pung’s speech allowed us to see the universal nature of experience and struggling to fit by showing us that we’re all not so different from one another.

Thanks to Ms Pung, the Year 12 student body gained a new and more profound appreciation of the people and themes in GUAIA. The opportunity this provided in terms of preparing us for our context SAC was invaluable.

Those of us who were interested were then invited to attend a writing workshop, where we were given a unique experience on the development and understanding of characters. We were introduced to a new way of thinking that helped us further advance our writing on the topic of ‘Identity and Belonging’.

On behalf of the Year 12 English team and students at Wallan Secondary College we would like to thank Ms Pung for her time and effort at our school. 

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