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2014 School Captain Nominations

Thursday, 07 November 2013 Posted in Showcase

A word from the candidates

2014 School Captain Nominations

This year at Wallan Secondary College we are delighted to have eight Year 11 students vying for the prestigious positions of School Captain for next year.


These students presented their thoughts and opinions to Year 7 and 8 students on Wednesday morning and Year 9, 10 and 11 students on Thursday morning.

A selection process will occur in the near future and we will be proud to announce the successful applicatns when the process is complete.

A snapshot from each of the students:

Hannah Simon 11B - Hannah spoke about a range of issues and her vision. "I described myself and my ambitions and the issues I'd address if I was elected School Captain for 2014."

Sally Kurzke 11D - "The reason I want to be School Captain is because I believe that we are all here to shape the future and I want to help lead our students to the opportunities they deserve."

Kiani Triffett 11C - "My name is Kiani Triffett and I have been attending Wallan Secondary College since Year 7. If I am elected as School Captain I will be ensuring that our school is doing the maximum number of fundraisers possible, as there are so many charities and organisations that need our help. I will also be focusing on making school more enjoyable to attend, by making school as stress free as possible."

Ashtyn Keen 11D - "I want to be School Captain so I can make a change in the school and be a role model for students in younger year levels. "Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things."

Gemma Garwood 11D - "If I were to become School Captain I would work to the best of my ability to make sure everybody feels safe and included. I will strive to achieve my goals, like more events to make school a more enjoyable place, but also to accept the responsibilities of stopping bullying and giving everybody someone they can rely on, or talk to."

Alexandra De Jong 11C - "My name is Alexandra De Jong. If elected to be your female School Captain for 2014; I would like to promote languages at our School, such as Indonesian. I would also like to help Wallan Secondary College to become more involved in local organisations, but helping anyone in any way would be my ultimate goal."

Nicholas Balliro 11C - "I am Nicholas Balliro, a Year 11 student of Wallan Secondary College and an aspiring musician and electrical engineer. As School Captain, I would wish for the opinions of all to be counted and my goal is to ensure the school is the best it can be. Hopefully students' opinions and changes will be accepted by all. We all must have a voice. And this voice will bring a brighter future."

Deniz Berdilek 11D - Deniz was the first of the students to create a poster to support his campaign which was held up by teachers at the presentations. Deniz talked of the importance of "Representing Wallan Secondary College and bringing the whole school community closer together."

Unfortunately Hannah Simon was unable to be present when the photographs were taken. A photograph of the successful applicants will be displayed in a future article.

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