Visit to Chewton Primary School

With Wallan Secondary starting out on our Sustainability journey, yesterday a group of our students who are interested in environmental sustainability visited Chewton Primary School.

Chewton Primary School gained a 5 star rating via Resource Smart Schools in 2017 and have maintained that status since. This year, they have won the Resource Smart School award with Sustainability Victoria for their work connecting with local Indigenous Knowledge holder to learn about their sustainable practices.
Meeting with the students of Chewton Primary and learning about the different initiatives they have been able to implement into their school, has provided us with some great starting points and ideas to get our school headed in the right direction with sustainability.
The Chewton Primary School and their students were fantastic, and our students thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with them, from participating in activities such as gardening, to sharing a delicious lunch of pumpkin risotto made by the students with fresh produce from their garden, to playing a game of soccer.
Our thanks to the staff and students of Chewton Primary and congratulations on your Resource Smart School award and amazing school.

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