Chan Pak Sha School Visit

Today our students participated in a exchange of cultures, as part of a cross border study tour, with 16 students and their teachers visiting the College.

The students from San Wui Commercial Society Chan Pak Sha School, Hong Kong, joined Ms Parker’s English class, where the topic was Australian Slang and Expressions. WSC students taught the pronunciation and their meanings to our visitors and in return were taught Cantonese. From the amount of chatter and laughter in the room, the students had a fantastic lesson. At the end of the class, WSC students presented the Chan Pak Sha students each with card, with a message written by themselves.
It was then onto Food Tech, with Ms Munro and Ms Tucker for yo-yo biscuit making. This was a first for our guests and with the help of our College Captains and Leaders it was a resounding success, with delicious biscuits the end result. It was so sweet to see the Chan Pak Sha students sharing their baked goodies with our students as well as the Administration Office ladies.
It wouldn’t have been a true Aussie visit without a BBQ lunch. Our College Captains, Student Leaders, Assistant Principals and invited guests shared a feast of aussie fare with our new friends before having to bid them farewell.
It was a brilliant day and provided an amazing opportunity for our students to gain an insight into another culture, form new friendships and hopefully encourage them to go out and explore the world.

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