College Captain Candidates 2024

Introducing our College Captain Candidates for 2024.

Back L-R Shelby Charlton, Rebecca Pallant, Pratham Sharma, Cooper Price, Max Newman
Front L-R Anthony Scheavi, Fateh Singh, James Kelly, Vedant Bandlish

The candidates have already commenced the nomination process, having submitted written applications and today will see them formally interviewed by a member of the Executive Class,
Ms Mozina; Executive Assistant/Student Leadership and current College Captains.

In the next phase of the nomination process, candidates will submit a pre-recorded speech which will be streamed to the entire school cohort during Skills for Life in STEP UP week. Immediately after the speeches, students and staff will be given the opportunity to vote.

Collation of votes
Votes will be collated by Principal; Mr Ritchie and Executive Assistant; Ms Mozina, to be presented to the Executive Class. The Executive Class will make a final decision based on a weighted system where voting counts as:
• Years 7-11 as 1 vote
• Teachers as 2 votes

Based on this voting system the Principal will determine the best candidate from the various stages of the Election process.

We have a strong group of candidates, who are all very capable and willing to be a voice for our students whilst also promoting and upholding our college values. We are looking forward to the impact that their contribution will make to Wallan Secondary College.

Best of luck to all of the Candidates!

@2022 Wallan Secondary College