2024 College Captains Announced

We were so impressed with the calibre, the enthusiasm, the positivity and the commitment of the candidates for the 2024 College Captain roles, that our decision was a difficult one.

It was incredibly close after following our process of written application, interview, candidate’s GPA and school report, candidate speech, student voting and staff voting.
We are pleased to announce that at our Presentation Awards Night; Rebecca Pallant, James Kelly, Anthony Scheavi and Vedant Bandlish were announced as our College Captains for 2024.
With such a depth of leadership potential and promise, the College made the decision to offer; Cooper Price, Shelby Charlton, Pratham Sharma and Max Newman the position of Vice Captains, which we are pleased to announce they have accepted. Candidate Fateh Singh has withdrawn his application.
Our current College Captains; Alexis McGuane, Wil Rice and Jayde Waddell will take up their new roles in 2024 as College Prefects.
Our new leadership team is very excited to begin working with our students and making change through student voice.
That work begins next week, when they participate in the Orientation Day for our 2024 Year Sevens.
(L-R Cooper, James, Anthony, Vedant, Rebecca, Shelby, Pratham. Absent Max)

@2022 Wallan Secondary College