Off Tap Roofing

Deegan Zarafa has commenced a plumbing school-based apprentice with Off Tap Roofing. In recent months Deegan has spent time working with Off Tap Roofing, a local roof plumbing business based in Wallan.

Deegan thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as having the opportunity to learn and develop the basic practical skills. As a result, he decided to investigate the possibility of a school-based apprenticeship.
When contacted, his employer Tyson Morrison fully supported Deegan’s wish to commence a school-based apprenticeship.
When Deegan commences Year 11 VCE VM in 2024, he will work with Off Tap Roofing two days per week and attend Wallan Secondary the remaining three days. He will attend trade school at Kangan Institute at Broadmeadows in week blocks as part of his training requirements.
Picture – Tyson Morrison (employer) Deegan Zarafa and David Cardona.

@ Wallan Secondary College