Indigenous Artwork Arrives

Our beautiful new Indigenous Artwork has arrived and has been placed along the outside wall of 'A' Block for all to enjoy.

The first artwork 'Coast to Coast' is a piece by Mitch Francis who is a proud Gunditjmara/Bundjalung man. The College had previously purchased; 'Living off the River' by Mitch, who apart from being an amazing artist with a love of sharing his culture through art, is also studying primary education.
The inspiration for ‘Coast to Coast’; his people's travels with the coast depicted on the bottom and top of the painting where we see the blues of the ocean. This piece also shows the country travelled over in the centre with dry earthier colours through the middle. Each circle down the middle represents a place within the journey taken on country as well as the blue circles which also represent meeting places along the coastlines. The lines in between these blue circles represent the tracks travelled.

The second artwork also by Mitch Francis, 'Community Ties' is a representation of community. Strong communities have always and continue to play a significant role in Indigenous culture.
The circles seen through this piece meeting places or groups of people coming together. He has chosen to make some of these circles overlap each other to highlight the closeness and layers of a strong community where relationships between groups can overlap each other. The line through the middle of the piece resembles a community that is travelling through life together growing with every journey, which is symbolised by the growing number of people at the 3 meeting places.

The third artwork is by Sharaya Summers, a Mandingalbay Yidinji woman from Far North Queensland. Mandingalbay Yidinji country is located from the Trinity Inlet, near Cairns, over the Malbon Thompson Range, across the coastal plain to the south of Yarrabah and into the Coral Sea, including the Franklin Islands. She spreads her culture through her art, which is all self-taught. Her artwork usually consists of her life experiences and our wonderful native flora and fauna.

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