Thank You Nexus Primary Health!

The Captains thought this would be great way to give back to their community and will be pulling on the gardening gloves on Tuesday 21st May. So if you are near Nexus Primary Health please stop in and give them some encouragement. Let's hope they know which are the weeds and which are the plants! 
In addition to their donation, Nexus has also placed donation tins in their Medical Centres to accept donations from the Community. 
WSC kindly thanks Nexus Primary Health for jumping on board to assist our Students and for recognising their potential.
Even with all the extra hours Lachie, Ruby, Coen and Riley are putting in, they are still along way off their target amount to cover their tuition, accommodation and airfares to Washington and New York.
This is an amazing opportunity for them, for Wallan Secondary College and the Wallan Community. To have four (4) of our Students representing us on the International Stage is something we should all be proud of. 
If you, as a business owner or individual, would like to offer assistance please contact Mr Michael Ritchie on 57830300.

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