Good Luck and Safe Travels!

Although a little nervous as they headed off alone, they were very excited at the prospect of what lies ahead. This day has been a long time coming with the students having worked really hard, fundraising, to make it a reality. Not to mention having to complete their holiday course assignments as well as additional course work to ensure their VCE studies stay up to date in their absence.

Coen, Ruby, Lachlan and Riley are looking forward to collaborating with students from around the globe to develop proposals and policies to assist in finding a solution to the environmental, financial and social issues facing the world today. They will then have a once in a lifetime opportunity as they present their completed proposal at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The students will be attending seminars and lectures which will include guest speakers from The World Bank, International Diplomats, Human Rights Advocates, The Centre for Human Ecology, The State Department, The American Humanist Assoc and Media and Public Affairs George Washington University.

They will visit International Embassies, The Smithsonian Institute, The National Museum, War Memorials, Metropolitan Museum of Art, The State Department, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, The University of Pennsylvania and St John's University in New York.

It will be a jam packed 10 days but hopefully they will also find time to have some fun, enjoy their time with their International Counterparts and make some life long friendships. We wish them well and safe travels and look forward to their return.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College