Team Sports and Beanies Day

The mental health benefits of playing a team sport are enormous. So this Thursday we are asking our Students to dress in their favourite Team Colours be it AFL, ARL, Basketball, Baseball, Netball outfits and beanies.


There will be a donation of a gold coin for dressing out of uniform which will be given to Beyond Blue and Beanies for Brain Cancer.

The social aspect that comes with being part of a team is fantastic for your wellbeing. Even if you join a team not knowing a soul, sport has a funny way of fast-tracking friendships. Human connection is such an important factor in maintaining good mental health. Being part of a team adds a support network that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Sport is a proven de-stressor. It forces you to apply yourself fully to the task at hand, leaving behind thoughts and worries you may have had beforehand. In their place, sport stimulates the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural happy chemicals.

Playing a sport alongside others teaches us the value of teamwork. Instead of reading about it or being lectured about it, sport forces you to put it into practice. It also helps develop leadership skills that can be applied in all areas of life.
Team sports teaches you how to deal with setbacks. No team wins all the time. Dealing with a loss or a poor performance, learning from it and trying again is all part of the journey. Setbacks build resilience and this can be carried over into everyday life, helping you to navigate the tough times and find a way through them.

Playing sport helps you get a better night’s sleep. We all know how important sleep is to our overall wellbeing – after training or competing, mind and body are ready for a good night’s rest.

When it comes to finding the right sport, people in Australia are spoilt for choice. From football to netball to lawn bowls, there’s a club for you. There’s also no shortage of social sport competitions that keep things nice and casual, if that’s more up your alley.

To get in touch with a local team or competition, a simple Google search will point you in the right direction, or you can contact your local council. If you have a physical disability, Disability Sports Australia can help find the perfect sport for you.

It is not compulsory to come dressed out of uniform on Thursday but for those who choose to participate you will be required to make a gold coin donation which will be passed onto these two great organisations. A reminder that our Casual Clothes Day Dress Code which is part of our Uniform Policy will be enforced.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College