Trade Taster

Some of the training includes White Card, Forklift and Dogging/Rigging (cranes). Students saw the training rooms where First Aid is held and looked at a mock First Aid room that should be set up on all live job sites.
Students heard many stories - good and bad - about working on job sites where OHS regulations are not followed and the long term physical, emotional and financial impacts if companies try to cut corners.
Students were also lucky enough to then visit an active job site where they were in the process of building a 400+ apartment complex overlooking the bay in Port Melbourne. The students travelled in a lift to the top floor to witness a crane moving materials and discussed the process of adding another level to the already huge building.
Overall, it was a great day and gave the students a really good insight as to what life as a tradie is like. The group was predominantly males and most are interested in trades so were thankful to receive such relevant industry exposure.


@2019 Wallan Secondary College