Remote Learning Update 14.04.20

At Wallan Secondary College, staff are committed to fulfilling the educational needs of every student, especially through this time of Remote Learning. Although this learning will come in a variety of ways, all students will have access to the curriculum.

Over the next few weeks students are to make themselves familiar with Online Learning formats; Wallan Secondary College will be using the school format of Compass with many staff/subjects incorporating Microsoft Teams. If you are unsure about this process, please email the subject teacher or look online for further instructions.

Classes will continue to run off the regular school timetable with teachers being accessible during these times to answers any questions.

Students will have:
1. class structured GANAG lessons (planned daily or weekly),
2. possible links to websites to carry out work,
3. online tutorials or class conference calls (face to face teaching).

ALL SACs have been postponed to allow staff and students to familiarise themselves with assessment (SACs) and Remote Learning. This also allows the college to provide structures with the authentication of the learning tasks. It is imperative that all students experience fairness across all assessments.

As we are guided by the Department of Education, we will forward information as it comes to hand. In the meantime, all students need to complete the tasks set for them on Compass.

Please feel free to contact the College if you have any queries and/or concerns.

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