On-site Supervision

On-site learning and teaching programs for vulnerable students or students of essential employees at primary, secondary and specialist government schools, will be offered based on the school's assessment and understanding of the safety risks faced by students and families.







The learning program delivered on-site will be the same as the learning program delivered to students undertaking remote learning. Students learning on-site will be supervised by an on-site teacher but follow the teaching and learning program provided by their classroom teacher.

Students coming to school for On Site Learning need to wear the correct uniform, bring their water bottle and classroom supplies.

If you need your child to attend On-site Learning please fill in the attached On-Site Attendance Form and email it to wallan.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

This On-Site Attendance Form will need to be completed each week and be received by the College prior to 3pm on the preceding Thursday.

Upon receipt of your form, the College Principal and/or Principal Team will contact you to clarify/confirm eligibility for attendance on-site.

Attending school on-site will remain available in limited circumstances for:
• Students on days or part-days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home.
• Vulnerable students.
If, after sending the College the On-Site Attendance Form, your circumstances change so that your child is no longer going to attend school, please email wallan.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

If you send your child to the College without completing the On-Site Attendance Form, then we will be contacting you and asking you to pick up your child.

In all cases, students must be well and not displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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