Continuous Online Reporting

At Wallan Secondary College, we believe that clear and timely reporting of student achievement and progress at school is important. With this in mind, we have made the decision to move to continuous online reporting via the learning task platform on Compass.

This will allow parents and students to see comments and results as soon as a task is marked.

The main benefit of Continuous Online Reporting (sometimes referred to as Progressive Reporting) is the timely manner in which parents are informed of their child’s achievement. It is often seen as ‘too late’ at the end of semester for a parent to be formally notified of how their child has been performing. In addition, the added capacity to upload annotated copies of the students work, include a copy of the assessment rubric and type limitless feedback comments to the student (visible also to parents), is seen as vastly more informative than the restrictive summary comment offered in a semester report.

You will receive two types of reports; Formative Reports and feedback on Common Assessment Tasks (CAT’s) and School Assessed Coursework (SAC’s).

Formative reports look at the core learning behaviours and skills of your child. They are intended to be a quick insight into a student at a particular time. Teachers will complete Formative reports at least two times per term. The three core learning behaviours are:

Respect: Follows instructions

Responsibility: Prepared for class and learning

Resilience: Solution focused

Year 7-10: Teachers will be reporting on Common Assessment Tasks that take place throughout the semester. CATs are marked against the Victorian Curriculum and will also receive a percentage score based on the tasks marking rubric. Each CAT will have clear feedback to assist students in identifying what they did well and areas they can improve on. For each subject, there will be a minimum of 1 CAT per term during remote learning and 2 per term when school returns to onsite learning.

VCE/VCAL: Teachers will be reporting on School Assessed Coursework and learning outcomes as outlined by the relevant VCAA study design. The frequency is dependent on the study design of the individual subject.

This is a very exciting reporting program for the College and it will keep us in line with current educational trends.


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