Remembrance Day

Our 2021 College Captain Candidates held a Remembrance Day Service for the Students and Staff of WSC.
Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to have all our students stand as one, at our flagpole as in previous years. 

Instead the Candidates performed the service over the internal intercom to their fellow students as they stood in their classrooms.The service was still beautifully done, very respectful and all of the Candidates spoke eloquently.
Our thanks to Jordan Kennedy, James Mileski, Madelyn Rogers, Bethany Taylor, Molly Bingham, Maya Richardson, Vinci Refran and Lily-Anne Barker. Unfortunately Selby Skinner was absent.
At the days end, Mr Michael Ritchie and Ms Lauren Mozina visited the Wallan Cenotaph where they laid a wreath on behalf of the College.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College