2021 Booklists

Please be advised that students will receive their booklists on Monday 16th Nov, 2020.
You will note that some year levels show a Oxford VICPACK (print & Digital), which is a combined bundle of English, Humanities, Maths and Science and includes a hard copy textbook and access to a digital copy.

Be advised that you can, should you choose to, buy the text books individually (new or second hand). We suggest though that prior to doing so you explore the cost as opposed to the bundle. Also please check the edition and author before purchasing second hand.
To assist our families we have included on our facebook page post, photos of the required text books.
We ask that you refrain from attempting to purchase your school supplies until after you receive your booklist on Monday.
We are aware that several Parents/Carers are attempting to contact Campion to request a copy of the booklist however at this stage students do not have confirmation of their assigned subjects. This will occur Monday 16th November 2020

@2019 Wallan Secondary College