The Fathering Project

Our school has been approached by The Fathering Project, which is a secular, not-for-profit, research-based organisation with a vision to ensure all children have an effective father or father figure in their lives.

They run a school-based project that facilitates positive engagement between dads and kids for improved outcomes for our children (when we say dads, we include father figures, uncles, grandparent etc). The project engages with dads and father figures to inspire, equip and support them to be the best fathers they can be.
The Fathering Project works with both school staff and fathers, supporting them to build their community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids.
“What we do, or don’t do as dads, has an enormous impact on the happiness and health of the kids we love. That’s why we’re encouraging dads across Australia to be part of our Dads Groups.” – The Fathering Project
Starting a Dads Group at Wallan Secondary College
Since 2014 The Fathering Project Dads Groups have been providing environments for fathers and father-figures to feel welcome to gather, share, learn and bond with each other and with their kids. Dads Groups provide mateship, a valuable support system and resources to help fathers up-skill.
The key role of the Dads Group is to plan and host activities within the school community. The Dads Group would host four activities per year, two for dads only, and two with the kids. These activities are an opportunity for dads to bond with their kids and connect with other fathers.
If you are interested in supporting a new Dads Group at our school, please call Bonnie on 57830365
To find out more about The Fathering Project, head to

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