College Uniform 2021

The College Council has made the decision that in 2021 all students will be able to wear the PE uniform as their regular uniform. Students are still welcome to wear the formal uniform if they so choose.



This decision has been made after consultation with our students, parents and school community. In making this decision we are endeavoring to reduce the cost to families of having to provide two types of uniform and the stress of having to alternative uniforms on certain days.

Please note that for those students choosing to wear the PE uniform that it is an expectation that they wear the only the approved logo uniform. This entails the WSC logo embellished polo shirt, WSC logo track pants or shorts, WSC logo sports jacket or WSC logo rugby jumper.

Students are not permitted to wear leggings, skins, hoodies or other non-WSC items. A reminder also to students that caps, hats or beanies are to be WSC logo uniform only.

Students who choose to wear non-approved headwear or jumpers/hoodies will be asked to remove the item.

Students are also reminded that they must wear their leather shoes for all practical classes. Students may wish to keep these in their lockers, as failure to have the correct footwear will result in student's being unable to participate in those classes due to OHS requirements.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College