Goodbye Mr Howley

Sadly today, Careers Advisor; Mr Brian Howley leaves WSC to take up a position with Navigator.

Mr Howley has been a respected member of WSC for numerous years and although the College will miss his expertise and the valuable assistance that he provides to our students, we wish him the very best as he takes up his new position.

Mr Howley has asked that we share the following statement:
"I would like to thank all students and the school community past and present and a huge thanks for making my time at WSC professionally satisfying and rewarding and personally heart-warming."
"It has been a real pleasure to share the journey of so many student lives and it is a pleasure to know, that they are achieving the goals they set whilst at school. I wish everyone all the best for the future."
Good luck Mr Howley in your new endeavour!

@2019 Wallan Secondary College