Welcome Interviews Friday 29/01/21

Bookings for our 2021 Welcome Interviews are now open in Compass. To book, using your Parent log in, open compass (do not open browser), click on the three lines then click conferences. You will be able to select your student and time of appointment.

Interviews are compulsory and students should attend in their school uniform with a Parent/Guardian.
Students will be allocated their locker, meet their Pastoral Care Teacher and receive information for the upcoming school year. Students are also required to bring with them on the day a lock for the locker allocation. Students can also bring their books to place into their locker so they are ready for the start of term.
For those Year 7 students commencing in 2021, please follow the instructions forwarded to you previously as to how to book your interviews.
The start of term will look as follows:
29/01/21 Welcome Interviews (all students)
01/02/21 Year 12 and Year 7 commence
02/02/21 Year 8, 9, 10, 11 commence

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