Parent/Teacher Interviews Wednesday 28.04.21

Please note that Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 28/04/21, from 11:30am. Students are not required at school to attend formal classes but they are required to attend their interview with their Parent/Guardian.

Interviews will be held in J Block as per the below
Room J1
Teachers Mr Ahlawat, Ms Daynes, Ms Baker, Ms Creek
Room J2
Teachers - Ms Duncan, Mr Karevski, Mr Ellis, Mr Gonis 
Room J3
Teachers - Ms Maud, Mr Campbell, Mr Patterson, Ms Cook 
Room J4
Teachers - Mr Renganathan, Mr Hosking, Mr Slizewski, Ms Leffley 
Room J5
Teachers - Mr Walters, Mr Sharman, Ms Douglas, Ms Nugent 
Room J6
Teachers - Ms Cox, Mr McDonald, Mr Conforti, Ms Khazaal 
Room J7
Teachers - Mr Prowd, Mr Janevski, Ms Du, Ms French 
Room J8
Teachers - Ms Fernando, Ms Gorham, Ms Parker , MsFigueiredo Ataide
Coustley/Stewart End
Teachers - Mr Berchtold, Mr Perrins, Ms Draper, Ms Evans, Ms Martin, Ms Ambani, Mr Stock, Mr Pizaro, Ms Pratt, Mr Bramble 
Vallence/Laffan End
Teachers - Ms Carr, Ms De Prinse, Ms Huntingford, Ms Clarke, Mr Brand, Ms Jory, Ms Munro, Mr Tori, Mr Demiral 
We look forward to meeting with you.

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