Mitchell Youth Council Pop Up Clothes Swap

Mitchell Youth Council will host a POP UP Clothes Swap at WSC at lunchtime, Friday 30th April, where WSC staff and students can bring their clean and undamaged items of clothing they no longer want, need or wear and swap them for a token.

These tokens can then be used to source another item of clothing at the Wallan Community Centre on Saturday 15 May 10am-3pm. Attendees can also get involved with sewing workshops that encourage up-cycling and enter any new piece of transformed clothing into a competition that will be run throughout the day.
How to donate your clothes
It’s as easy as 1, 2 3!
1. clean out your wardrobe and swap your 10 best pre-loved items for tokens at one of our drop-off points 👚👝
2. come along to our Clothes Swap event to exchange your tokens for some fresh new threads 🤩
3. help save the environment by increasing the lifetime of your clothes. 🌏🍃
Please note, the following items will not be accepted:
—underwear, bras, socks, hats/beanies, dirty/ marked/ stained/ unclean clothes, damaged items
—items with school logos – please see your school about a uniform exchange or second hand uniform store.
Token value system
T-shirts/tops/shirts, shorts /skirts, kids clothing, accessories (scarves, ties, gloves), pyjamas (per piece), onesies 1 token
Jumpers, dresses, jumpsuits, pair of shoes, bags (no plastic or shopping bags) 2 tokens
Jeans, pants, jackets, snow gear 3 tokens
Please note tokens cannot be replaced – please cherish them before the event!
For members of the community who would like to be involved there is a list of DROP OFF locations in and around Broadford, Kilmore, Wallan and Seymour.
The Clothes Swap campaign promotes sustainable practices that will improve community resilience to climate change. It creates awareness of the devastating environmental impacts of the fashion industry and provides a solution, empowering the community. A prime example of thinking globally and acting locally.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College