Jordan Kennedy WSC College Captain

The National Young Leaders Day gave an opportunity for multiple role models to talk and share their personal experiences with a large group of young leaders. Their courage, prosperity and determination will undoubtedly be an inspiration to thousands of students.

Amongst the amazing line-up, Jordan Lewis and Josh Pyke were two of the people from whom I took the biggest lessons. Jordan Lewis, a highly respected Melbourne/Hawthorn footy player spoke of his success and further explained different perspectives to leadership. Within his story about growing up in a small town in Warrnambool, he explained that although notions of ‘leadership’ are commonly thought of as ‘dominating’ and ‘leading the pack’, empowering others to achieve their own goals is just as rewarding and necessary.
Josh Pyke, an ARIA award-winning Australian artist and author, spoke of experiencing multiple failures within in the success of his songs and books; he stated that he felt as if no one was enjoying his work, ultimately leading to self-doubt. He then expressed that he wouldn’t allow these failures to define him, but instead would use these failures as motivation to keep trying, which then lead to his hit song ‘Middle of the Hill’ which climbed to the top 100 charts in 2007.
These remarkable individuals have empowered us and taught us leadership lessons through their stories, which are going to stick with us for a long time.
Jordan Kennedy
WSC College Captain

@2019 Wallan Secondary College