Bethany Shares Her Experience

WSC College Captain, Bethany Taylor shares her experience of The National Young Leaders Conference which she, the other College Captains and Student Leaders attended last week.

The National Young Leaders Conference was an enjoyable and interesting time for me, where I took away many different perspectives on leadership.

Jimmy Rees, also known as 'Jimmy Giggle', was the entertaining speaker of the day. Growing up in Mount Eliza, he never knew what he wished to pursue after school, but always knew he had a passion for drama and music. Some important things I learnt from Jimmy Rees, that I thought about and appreciated from his presentation are:
• Follow your interests, whether you're unsure of what you want to do, follow what you love doing
• Be vocal about your aspirations, never be ashamed despite expectations that others may have on you.
• Always be a role model
• That it's okay to be vulnerable and go outside of your comfort zone
• Be honest with yourself and others
• And always remember to be supportive of those around you and their passions.

The last speaker for the day was Deputy Commissioner Fire Safety, Michelle Young. She was an inspirational woman. After enduring many of those in her life telling her "You can't", she told them “She can”. She came across as a driven and brave person who showed great leadership. Here are some of the things I took back from her presentation:
• That our differences are our powers
• No matter who you are or where you come from, "You make you".
• That we're all unique
• That your mentors come from anywhere, and can be anyone, even younger than you.
• Anyone can teach you valuable lessons
• The kind of language you speak to people is important
• And you always learn through experience, make mistakes

Each speaker brought different experiences, stories and perspectives on leadership that can speak to many young leaders. For me, the day was a great experience and I took something from each speaker.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College