CoolHeads Young Driver Program

The ‘Cool Heads’ Young Driver program was developed in 2008 and the program’s objective and motivation remains the same; to remove the devastating impact caused by fatal and serious injury collisions on our local roads.

Initially developed and run in the Greater Shepparton Police Service Area we hope to make it a permanent calendar fixture for the Mitchell Police Service Area.The program is not about teaching our youth how to drive; it is about highlighting the real consequences of distraction and risk taking while driving. It is designed to improve the attitude of young drivers towards driving on our roads.
Cool Heads is a local Victoria Police initiative where participants invest two-hours in a program that incorporates road trauma visuals, messages and speakers. The speakers share their road trauma experiences as either emergency service workers, Magistrates’, offending drivers or road trauma victims.
The support of our community partners is crucial to the program’s success. This includes other emergency services, Councils, education providers, sporting organisations and local media.
It is a sad fact that many families in our community continue to suffer from the legacy left with them by road trauma. Courageous victims of road trauma volunteer to speak as they are passionate about preventing other families from similar suffering. Cool Heads provides the medium for this community connection, providing the leadership, co-ordination and the format that ensures a lasting impact.
The involvement of sporting clubs fosters within these clubs a positive peer support went it comes to our roads and looking after your mates.
The death or serious injury of local young people on our roads has had a devastating impact on families and ripples out to friends, local communities, schools and sporting clubs. The program challenges drivers, before it is too late, to take the opportunity to make important decisions about their attitudes to driving.
The reality is that 16 to 25-year-old drivers have the highest risk of being killed or seriously injured on our roads. Cool Heads focusses the audience’s attention on the devastating impact that road trauma has on the lives of so many. It aims to motivate all drivers to reduce driver distraction each time
they get behind the steering wheel or in a passenger seat.
If even for a moment, consider; “It could happen to me”.
Cool Heads is not complex. The challenge is to run a sustainable program to address what is a generational road safety issue. Every day new young drivers gain access to our roads and expose themselves to the possible consequences of road trauma. Do they really understand what road trauma is? The program strives to give young drivers the information required to make informed decisions about their driving behaviour and attitude.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College