Queers on the Catwalk 2021

You will be invited to a workshop hosted by TGD Clothing Swap, The Story Costumer, WayOut and CLIP. You can build your outfit, ensemble, costume or entire catwalk collection, be coached to find your catwalk groove, and steel your confidence to walk the runway in front of your special guests.

Feel free to bring along your own pieces and explore and discover what other items and accessories that TDG Clothing Swap and The Story Costumer also have to offer, that unreservedly affirms you.
The workshop will also be open to anyone who would like to take the opportunity to explore and discover their yet to be realised fashion expression.
In 2021 the QotC experience, for those who are keen, will be captured on film and be made available to all catwalkers and crew after the wrap-up of QotC 2021.
Workshop – Sat 23 October 2021
Catwalk event – Fri 19 November 2021
To register your interest and for further details: healthpromotion@scchc.org.au or phone 5421 1666.
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