Year 7 Immunisations

In regards to our up-coming Year 7 immunisaton visit in November, please find below the Government website which shows the current spacing guidelines:,logistical%20issues.

The following is the recommendation it advises:

Co-administration of COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines

ATAGI does not recommend routine co-administration of COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines.

The preferred minimum interval between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and any other vaccine is 7 days.

A shorter interval is acceptable if there is:

  • increased risk of COVID-19, or another vaccine-preventable disease (for example, a COVID-19 outbreak, influenza outbreak, tetanus-prone wound)
  • logistical issues.

This also means that a person may be able to receive another vaccine in between their 2 doses of the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines, if appropriate.

@2019 Wallan Secondary College